Art & Design - Highers/Advanced Highers
St. Margaret’s  High School
Art & Design New Higher Level 6

National 6

What skills will my child develop?
  • A greater knowledge and understanding of artists, designers and their work and the ability to critically analyse artists and designers as creative practitioners
  • A deeper understanding the factors that influence artists and designers
  • Experimenting with a variety of art and design materials
  • Practical skills using materials, techniques, and/or technology
  • Producing analytical drawings and investigative studies
  • Planning, critical thinking and problem solving to find solutions to design briefs
  • Investigating and analysing how artists and designers use materials and techniques
  • Communicating and representing ideas, thoughts and feelings visually

What happens in National 6? 
Art and Design: Expressive Activity - Working from primary and secondary resources, you will be expected to produce a range of artwork relating to your chosen theme. You will investigate sources of inspiration within the work of different artists as well as gaining a deeper insight into the art movements which they were linked to. Investigation and development drawings will be produced with a final solution and a selection of development drawings submitted as part of a portfolio of work. Further work will be kept as Unit work within school. You will then evaluate the final solution. Themes for consideration are Still Life, Portraiture, Figure Composition and Landscape.  A subsidiary theme may also be applied. You are encouraged to convey thoughts and feeling through the artwork produced in an imaginative way.
Art and Design: Design Activity - You will negotiate with your teacher to create a design brief focusing on a particular design issue, a need or a problem to be solved. You will then select a design period to investigate as well as important designers from that period. You may investigate these through online search engines, class presentations, blogs and exhibitions. You will research and investigate the problem set, by gathering suitable images and creating a series of developments. A single line of enquiry will be submitted in portfolio form and a final solution will be produced. Further work will be kept as Unit work within school.  You will then evaluate the final solution.  Various disciplines are covered within the design folio such as; Fashion, Textiles, Graphics, Architecture, Ceramics, Jewellery, Millinery, Product and Interior Design.
Course Assessment Question Paper – In class, you will undertake critical evaluation and historical study of the work of two artists and two designers that are of a personal interest and relevant to your work.  You will produce a quantity of work related to both Expressive and Design in the form of written essays. Pupils are allocated marks on their knowledge of studied artists and designers as well as marks awarded for their knowledge of how these artists and designers were affected by social and cultural factors.  Pupils sitting Nat6 will undertake the SQA written exam in the form of Question Paper.
What will I experience during the course?
Research & investigation, art appreciation, active and independent learning, literacy and numeracy skills, media handling, problem solving, essay writing, communication, personalisation and choice & ICT.
How will my success as a learner be assessed?

To gain National 6, learners must pass both Units and the Course Assessment (the Portfolio and the Question Paper)
Units are assessed by the school (following SQA External Verification)

The Course Assessment consists of the Portfolio (showing development and evaluation leading to one final piece of expressive art work and one final design solution) and the Question Paper (exam). These will be marked by the SQA.

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