Drama - S1 - S3
St. Margaret’s  High School

S1 Drama
What is S1 Drama?

In St Margaret’s, drama is offered as part of the core curriculum to all S1 students and they attend two sessions per week. Through participation in drama activities, learners have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. Students are encouraged in collective enquiry and exploration, with learning occurring through co-operation, participation and interaction.
Relationships are at the centre of all drama work. Exploring real and imaginary situations helps learners to understand and share their world. By acting out roles and situations, candidates can gain a greater understanding of real life issues, events, situations and relationships.
Each unit of study provides opportunities for students to express and communicate their thoughts, opinions and responses on a wide range of different themes, topics and issues.

Creating and presenting are prominent activities for all learners. Their acting and presenting skills are developed through participating in scripted or improvised drama. They develop their capacity to enjoy drama and their knowledge and understanding through evaluating technical aspects and scripts, and commenting on their work and the work of others.

Throughout the course the pupils will develop a range of skills.
  • They will explore voice, movement and characterisation.
  • They will explore form, genre, style and structure.
  • They will learn to use Drama Conventions
  • They will develop their Knowledge and Understanding of Drama Terminology.
  • They will develop Performance Skills
  • They will develop their Evaluation Skills. 

Within each drama Unit, the pupils will complete both Practical and Written tasks and engage in self-evaluation. This process will enable the learners to develop as; Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals.

S2 Drama
What is S2 Drama?

Core Drama studies in S2, build on the wide range of skills that the pupils have been developing during their experience in this subject in S1. The pupils attend one drama session each week, and this will enable them to further enhance their creativity and imagination, language and literacy, collaborative group skills, and confidence. Through a range of units and projects, students develop Drama Skills in communication, self-expression, developing ideas into action, voice, movement, role-play and improvisation.

The pupils will experience working with scripts, devising and improvisation during Theme and Issue based Units such as: Sweeny Todd, The Wild West, The Great Plague, Teenage Runaway and The Silent Movie

Through further exposure to practical and written Drama tasks within the classroom setting, the pupils will continue to develop their use of:

Voice, movement and characterisation.

Form, genre, style and structure.

Drama Conventions

They will also gain greater Knowledge and Understanding of Drama Terminology. This will enhance their Performance Skills and develop their ability to

Evaluate their own work and that of their peers.

Throughout the S2 course, the pupils will be expected to:
  • Create, develop and sustain a character
  • Use voice and language appropriately
  • Use movement appropriately
  • Respond to a variety of stimuli
  • Present scripted/ improvised drama
  • Use Theatre Arts technology
  • Develop knowledge and understanding
  • Comment on own/others’ work
  • Evaluate technical aspects and scripts

Within each Drama Unit, the pupils will complete both Practical and Written tasks and engage in self-evaluation and target setting. The Drama Process will enable the learners to develop as; Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals.

S3 Drama 
What is S3 Drama?
The S3 Drama Course is designed to build on the skills that you learned in S1 and S2. S3 Drama provides opportunities for you to develop your performance ability, further develop your creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills whilst continually building your ability to reflect on your work and the work of others.
Throughout the course you will be expected to –
  • respond and interpret stimuli and text
  • work with others, in order to share and apply dramatic ideas
  • explore drama form, genre style, conventions and structure
  • explore acting, directing and theatre production
  • learn how to appreciate drama techniques
  • explore voice, movement and characterisation skills
  • investigate theatre arts, production and technologies
  • design, create and present drama to an audience
  • evaluate their own process and performance and that of others 
S3 assessments are folio based which include a practical performance and written paper. Practical performances are internally assessed on a pass/fail basis with some folios and written papers submitted to SQA for verification.
Unit 1 - Drama Skills (Script based unit)
In this Unit you will explore dramatic techniques and ways of communicating ideas to an audience. You will learn how to respond to text, stimulus and context. You will also learn how to interpret a role and character.
Unit 2 - Production Skills
In this Unit you will investigate Theatre Arts and learn how to apply problem solving skills in order to create and design basic production. You will create and present drama using theatre arts, production skills and technologies to enhance drama.
In this Unit you will also take part in a text based production by taking on an acting     role You will investigate and learn how to successfully portray a character from this play. You will then present your acting piece, as part of a group, to an audience.
I hope you are going to enjoy the S3 Drama course but please remember that although I am is a very talented person I have not yet mastered the art of mind reading! Until I do please remember to tell me if you are having any difficulties with the course, no matter how trivial it may seem, I am here to help.

Looking Ahead
This is the first task of the S3 drama course.

In you jotters answer the questions honestly and in sentences.
Why did you choose S3 Drama?

Is there any part of the course you are particularly looking forward to? Give reasons for your answer.
Is there part of the course you are not looking forward too?
What part of the course do you think you will be good at? Give reasons for your answer.
What area of the course do you think you might not be quite as good at?
How do you think you will try and make this area of the drama course work better for you?
What do you think you want to achieve at the end of the S3 Drama course?

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