Photography Higher
St. Margaret’s  High School


The New Higher Photography course is made up from two units and the course assessment. Image Making (Unit). Outcome 1: Pupils will analyse factors that influence photographers and their work. Outcome 2: Pupils will produce photographic images using a range of camera techniques and photographic processes. Contextual Imagery (Unit): Outcome 1: Pupils will produce personal and creative photographic imagery. Outcome 2: Pupils will evaluate their own use of imaging techniques. Pupils will be assessed on the following skills, knowledge and understanding and their ability to: apply their knowledge and understanding of the properties of light and image formation, use camera controls and a range of photographic techniques and processes, produce investigative research for photography and to plan,shoot,print and develop photographs. The units will be marked internally and the course assessment will be submitted to the SQA for marking. 

Throughout the course of the year we create opportunities to work with successful practicing photographers from industry.  We offer workshops to Photography pupils that are led by practicing professionals.  These workshops are hugely valuable.  Working with others encourages our young people to gain insight into the world of work.  The skills our pupils acquire when working with external agencies and personnel are invaluable and make a positive impact on their own lifelong learning.

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