Physical Education (P.E.) - Higher/Advanced Highers
St. Margaret’s  High School
Physical Education – Elective PE


*What will I learn in this subject?

You will learn to:
  • Develop, consolidate & refine movement skills to improve your performance through different sporting activities. Our main focus will be on Basketball (team games), Badminton (net games) and Athletics (individual activities).
  • Experience co-operative and individual learning situations to develop your performance through personalised development plans.
  • Learn how to monitor and adapt development programmes to ensure continued progress.
  • Analyse and evaluate your development programme.
  • Prepare for, participate in and evaluate your performance in a special, one off sporting activity usually of your choice.
  • A creative group (Gymnastics 

*What skills will I have the opportunity to develop in this subject?
  • You will improve your practical performance in all areas.
  • You will develop your ability to record data about your own performance and that of others.
  • You will develop your knowledge and research skills through independent learning tasks.
  • You will develop your analytical skills as you use the data and research information to plan and carry out your development programme. 


*What types of tasks will I be involved in?
  • You will be involved in practical sessions where you will learn to develop fitness (Athletics), games playing skills (Badminton) and tactics (Basketball).
  • You will be tasked to follow development programmes where the focus is on practice and NOT on playing.
  • You will be required to watch peers and feedback to them information that will help them improve their performance. 
*How will my success as a learner be assessed?

Your progress throughout this course is monitored by continual assessment through the units. Work books must be completed for each activity in both S3 and S4.

Your understanding of this course will be assessed through the completion of a personalised workbook. In S3 this will be done through Athletics. In S4 this will be done through an individualised Portfolio which will be submitted to the SQA.
The levels the pupils will be working at are National 4, National 5. 

Career Pathways

*What careers can I pursue as a result of studying this subject?
There are many different career pathways available to pupils who study Elective PE. These can range from teaching, leading fitness activities and attending further education at college or university. The course also provides the pupils with life skills such as respect, commitment, punctuality, organisation and many more fundamental qualities which will compliment any career pathway chosen by the pupil.
*How can I find out more about Elective PE?
In the first instance you should speak to Mr Laing. However, any of the PE department will be able to offer advice.


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