Maths Department
St. Margaret’s  High School

Welcome to the department of Mathematics and Numeracy!
Within our department we have high expectations for all pupils and encourage every young person to aim high. Staff in the Maths Department aim to make mathematics and numeracy relevant for everyone, often framing topics in real life situations as well as popular culture. This results in pupils experiencing maths in an enjoyable and fun context.

Our high expectations in the Maths Department mean we provide all classes with regular homework. All pupils from S1-S6 receive a weekly formal homework as well as consistent nightly homework. Within our presentation classes, pupils are regularly exposed to past paper examples in homework, lesson starters and class examples. This makes the goal of passing National 5 maths and Higher maths achievable as pupils are made aware of expectations throughout the academic year. We constantly track and monitor the progress of all pupils in maths to ensure we provide appropriate support where necessary, in a timely fashion.

We always look to challenge our pupils and use active learning as a method for engaging all young people in their learning. Treasure Hunts, ‘Show Me’ boards, ABCD cards, traffic lights and other active learning strategies are regularly used to motivate pupils.

We encourage our young people to be confident by developing skills for life. In our S1 Famous Mathematicians project and our S1 Apprentice project we allow pupils to work together and effectively contribute to group presentations. Our S2 Money Management project encourages pupils to develop the life skill of managing a budget responsibly. The Mathematics and Numeracy department also develops higher order thinking skills allowing pupils to be creative in class. This is shown in our S2 Theme Park project which allows teams of pupils to create their own Theme Park using maths and numeracy skills.

The Maths Department in St Margaret’s High School will always strive to provide the highest quality education for all of our pupils.
John Friel
Principal Teacher of Mathematics and Numeracy,
St Margaret’s High School


Department Staff

J Friel (Principal Teacher)
K Burns
J Connor
L Scott
C Swanson
R Hendrie
D Quail
CA Less (DHT)
S Welsh
N Gierlowski (Probationer)


Available Courses

S1: BGE Level 1, 2, 3
S2: BGE Level 2, 3, 4
S3: BGE Extension Courses 3, 4 & 5
S4:       National 3 Lifeskills

National 4 Mathematics
National 5 Mathematics

S5/6:    Advanced Higher Mathematics
Higher Mathematics
National 5 Mathematics
National 4 Applications of Mathematics (with National 5 Numeracy).


Homework Policy

Nightly homework is given on a regular basis. This homework will be mostly informal from either the board or an exercise booklet.
All classes receive weekly formal homework based on their working level. All formal homework requires a parental signature and parental comments are welcomed. Formal homework is a key strategy in improving pupil performance as areas for development are recorded, which teachers use to plan and prepare lessons that target these areas.

Supported Study

Supported study
Tuesday- K. Burns, R. Hendrie and D Quail: National 5 & Higher
Wednesday – J Friel, S Welsh, J Connor and L Scott: National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher
Thursday- P McCormack, C Swanson, D Quail and N Gierlowski: National 5 & Higher
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