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Mrs L Killean (Principal Teacher)
Mrs AM Miller
Mrs B Reilly
Fr I Bathgate

In Saint Margaret's RC High, we believe that an effective Catholic education seeks to form the whole human person, focusing on values and character development. As a Catholic school, the fundamental principle that human beings have an innate God-given dignity is at the heart of all that we do.

Subjects covered:                                                                                                                                                                                                

Religious Education(Core)                                                                                                                    
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies(Higher, S6 only)

Aims of the Religious Education Department in Saint Margaret’s RC High School

To present engagingly a comprehensive content which is the basis of knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith;

To enable pupils continually to deepen their religious and theological understanding and be able to communicate this effectively;

To present an authentic vision of the Church's moral and social teaching so that pupils can make a critique of the underlying trends in contemporary culture and society;

To raise pupils' awareness of the faith and traditions of other religious communities in order to respect and understand them;

To develop the critical faculties of pupils so that they can relate their Catholic faith to daily life;

To stimulate pupils' imagination and provoke a desire for personal meaning as revealed in the truth of the Catholic faith;

To enable pupils to relate the knowledge gained through Religious Education to their understanding of other subjects in the curriculum;

To bring clarity to the relationship between faith and life, and between faith and culture.

The outcome of an excellent Religious Education is to produce religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – appropriate to their age and capacity – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.

Charity work in Saint Margaret's RC High

"Faith in action is love, love in action is service." Mother Theresa

The school community of Saint Margaret's RC High School has an incredible reputation for donating not only their money but also their time in order to assist those less fortunate than themselves in society. The RE Department is proud to play its part in these ventures. As a school, we have two core charities, one at home (Saint Andrew's Hospice) and one abroad (Malawi) whom we support throughout the school year. 

Saint Andrew's Hospice is a charity which is incredibly dear to our hearts. To date, we have raised over £82,000 for the Hospice and we hope that this total will increase for many years to come. Many of our pupils and staff have had direct or indrect experience of the Hospice which is why we work incredibly hard to bring huge numbers to events such as the Tinto Hill Climb, Ben Nevis Climb and the 6K Road Race and Fun Run. We also have a great tradition of training up Hospice Ambassadors to promote and supoort the work of the Hospice, As a school community we recently purchased items for patients to use directly which we believe truly emphasises our belief that you matter because you are you, and you matter until the end of your life.

In addition to this, each S6 class nominates a charity they would like to fundraise for. During session 2017-2018 these charities were the Kieran McDade Foundation, The Moira Anderson Foundation, Maggies Lanarkshire and Glasgow Sick Children's Hospital. Cheques are then distributed during our annual Thanksgiving Mass. During Advent, Christmas Parcels are also collected for vulnerable families and individuals in our community as well as actively supporting SCIAF's "Wee Box" appeal. 

The Caritas Award

The Pope Benedict XVI Caritas Award was introduced in 2011-12 by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to recognise and promote the active faith commitment of young people in their final year of secondary school.

The Caritas Award is open to all young people in their final year of secondary school. Pupils of all faiths and denominations will be welcome to join in and achieve the award. Each school can decide locally which pupils they would like to invite to participate. Some schools may invite all S6 pupils to ‘sign up’; others may ask pupils to ‘apply’ to participate and others may approach individual pupils who would benefit from the experience.

However schools decide to involve pupils, it should be noted that the award is intended to be inclusive of all pupils who meet the published success criteria. A parish community can also nominate a young person for the award.

How does it work?

Focused on three distinctive but interwoven elements – Faith Witness, Faith Learning and Faith Reflection – the Caritas Award is offered as an open invitation to young people of all abilities and all faiths to explore the impact on their lives of Caritas – described in ‘Deus Caritas Est’ as “the love which God lavishes upon us and which we in turn must share with others”. Over the course of one school year, young people in Catholic schools and parishes volunteer to serve their local communities through committing their time and their talents to benefit others.

In the course of the award year, the young people involved, from a range of other religious traditions, are helped to see the links between their faith learning (in school and church), their faith witness and their own personal journey of faith through prayer, reflection and discernment. It is hoped that this year of service will encourage them to continue to share their God-given gifts, talents and time with others as they progress through adulthood.

Junior Chaplaincy Team

In Saint Margaret's RC High, we firmly believe that young people should be supported in order to take ownership of their own Faith journey. In addition to the Caritas Award, we are very proud to have a Junior Chaplaincy Team in school who work tirelessly to promote the spiritual life of the school. Each yeargroup is represented in the JCT and the truly are incredible role models within our community.


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