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National 5 BIOLOGY

What will I learn in this subject?

In studying Biology you will gain:
  • a deeper knowledge and understanding of biology
  • a deeper understanding of biology’s role in scientific issues
  • an understanding of biology in society and the environment 

What skills will I have the opportunity to develop in this subject?
  • scientific inquiry skills to plan and carry out experiments
  • scientific analytical thinking skills in a biology context
  • the ability to use technology, equipment and materials, in scientific activities
  • problem-solving skills in a biology context
  • use and understand scientific literacy, to communicate ideas and issues
  • finding associations and investigating models in real-life contexts
  • information-handling skills (selecting, presenting, processing information)
  • the knowledge and skills for more advanced learning in biology
  • the ability to review science-based claims in media reports 
In this subject, what types of learning activities will I be involved in?
In studying Biology, you will work with other students in researching a range of topics.  You will have opportunities to problem solve and to develop your practical (experimental) skills during practical work. 
How will my success as a learner be assessed?

To gain National 5, learners must pass all Units and the Course Assessment (Assignment and Question Paper)
Units are assessed as pass or fail.

The Course Assessment will be a two-section Question Paper and an Assignment which will require learners to research a topical issue over 7 hours in class and written up in no more than an hour. The Course Assessment will be marked by the SQA and graded A to D.CAREER

What careers can I pursue as a result of studying this subject?

Education (HNC/HND/Degree); Employment in Animals Land & Environment Management,  Hairdressing & Beauty, Health & Medicine, Manufacturing Industries, Science & Mathematics, ·Social, Caring & Advisory Services ·Sports & Leisure, Biotechnology.
How can I find out more about Biology?
Any questions please see Mr Callan

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