History - National Qualifications
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Welcome to St. Margaret’s History Department

What is History?

History is the study of past societies, particularly how it relates to humans. This involves examining social, economic, technological, political, cultural and ideological influences on societies in the past.

Why study History?

By studying the past, pupils are able to develop their understanding of the heritage and culture of Scotland and appreciate their local and national heritage within the world. Additionally pupils will broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievements in the past.

What we study at St, Margaret’s?

All pupils in S1 study the impact of different groups of people from the past on Scotland and their influence on Scottish identity and culture, such as the Romans, Celts and Vikings. In S2 pupils examine the Scottish Wars of Independence, focusing on national figures, such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. In S3 pupils can choose to study the subject, as part of their national course which is continued in S4. At this level pupils study three units: the Era of the Great War, the Civil Rights Movement and the Making of Modern Britain. If pupils undertake History as a Higher they study: Democracy in Britain, the USA and Migration and Empire.


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